Something was not right: Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Huston revealed their worst experiences with fictional kissing

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The actresses, also great friends, brought out some of their worst memories in the matter, with snot and perspiration included.

It is not news that Kate Hudson and Gwyneth Paltrow get along very, very well, and that they cultivate a friendship that spanned a time in which they shared many secrets. Some of them, certainly revealing, like the ones they brought up very willingly on the podcast Goop, by Paltrow.

In this context, with the hostess much more focused lately on business issues than on acting, the actresses talked about different topics. And as is to be expected, everything went through the normal ways of a relaxed chat between two friends, until the million dollar question arrived.

“Which was the best ‘kisser’ What did you have on screen? “Paltrow asked Hudson. Then, against all assumptions, the answer did not point to any particular name. On the contrary. It is so emphatic, it gives rise to surprise.” Honestly, “he admitted. I think I have not had good kissers“And almost as in a tone of complaint, outlined between laughter, he concluded:” I should have had better.

Of course, it did not end there. Next, Hudson gave as an example the case that he had to face during the filming of Love and treasure, film in which he shared the main role with the actor Matthew McConaughey, in which apparently some circumstances prevented the kissing from being a good experience.

“The thing is, every time I kissed McConaughey, it was like something uncomfortable was happening, like there was snot or wind …“, The actress dispatched, still laughing. “That happened to us when we were kissing at the end,” he detailed, in case it was necessary.

In that adventure film, which was released in 2008, his character and that of his partner are victims of a plane crash. The point is that during filming the room temperature was too high and perspiration did not forgive. “We were in the ocean, we had a good time with the plane crash, but he had snot all over his face”Described the daughter of Goldie Hawn.

Then Paltrow, who is 48 years old, he asked his interviewee if at any time she had felt as if she was kissing a brother. In that case, the her interlocutor left a feeling of doubt. “Sometimes it may be a bit of a brother kiss, but others don’t, “he replied.

However, Gwyneth did say that she had been through that situation. “Like when I gave Robert Downey Jr. a kiss and I thought ‘you have to be a joke’. It was literally like kissing my brother “, confessed Paltrow, who in several movies of the marvel factory had to play the role of the girlfriend of Iron Man.

But the truth is that not all kisses were bad. In fact, the guest checked her memory and decided to do justice. “You know who kissed well, but it was not seen because they cut it? Was Billy Crudup“He admitted referring to his filming partner in Almost famous, film for which she was nominated for an Oscar. “Billy was fine. That was good, “she said with the air of an expert.

By the end, the protagonist of Shakespeare in love she advanced with one last question about her friend. “Is there a famous person you’ve had something with that people don’t know about?” The response was overwhelming. “Oh yes!” He exclaimed, with a new knowing smile. “Who says no, is lying,” he added and let the final ball go for Paltrow to point at the angle: “I know a couple of them.



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