Something unusual is happening in the US, according to the Brazilian electoral authority

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The president of the Superior Electoral Tribunal (TSE) of Brazil, Luis Roberto BarrosoHe affirmed this Thursday that something “atypical” is happening in the United States, the largest democracy in the world, in which the world ritual according to which the loser of an election recognizes his defeat is not fulfilled.

“I would not like to make a value judgment on the politics of other countries but something unusual is happening“said the highest Brazilian electoral authority, who was an observer in the United States elections, in an interview he gave to foreign correspondents in Brazil, including the Efe agency.

“In US elections, as in democracies in general, there is an unwritten but important rite that is the moment of recognition of the candidate who lost and the moment of acceptance of the candidate that won. Something seems to be not going well in that domain involving those two rites, “said the magistrate.

Barroso assured that attended the president-elect’s acceptance speech and to the information in which all the media documents that the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, obtained not only the highest number of delegates for the electoral college but also the highest number of votes at the popular level.

“As a citizen I have a certain impression that the game has already been played”added the magistrate, implying that the delay in recognizing his defeat of President Donald Trump, who tried for reelection, seems strange to him.

The magistrate, who is also a member of the Supreme Court of Brazil, clarified that he is not a political commentator nor can he pronounce on elections in another country in his capacity as president of the Electoral Tribunal but that, as a representative of a democratic institution, he can give a point of view with the necessary caution.

Awaiting a pronouncement from the Foreign Ministry

He added that he prefers to refrain from other comments even because the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, unlike what several countries did, mainly the European ones, has not yet officially recognized Biden’s victory in the United States elections.

The number of countries that have not yet recognized Biden has been shrinking, but includes the two main powers of Latin America – Mexico and Brazil – as well as Russia and China.

Barroso stated that the world has suffered three different waves in recent years that when they accumulate they cause a democratic storm and that they are populism, radical conservatism and authoritarianism.

“These phenomena occurred in different parts of the world and are worrisome in countries like Hungary, Poland, Venezuela and Nicaragua. Nobody expects something similar to happen in the United States, it would be something surprising,” he said.



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