The car windshield is one of the most important elements for harmless driving, since it allows us to understand and see everything that happens in front of all of our vehicle. 90% of the information needed at the wheel is received with the sense of sight, so practically the vehicle’s windows influence that data flow.

It is for that reason that some companies including Apple have decided to go a step more in their research in addition to technological innovations so that the responsibility of caring for and monitoring the good condition of the windshield do not fall solely on the operator of the car and, thus, likewise avoid human errors.

Why you must prepare the windows of your auto now that the rains are approaching

The tech giant has just patented a good windshield that detects by itself in order to has a crack And, best of all, timetable an appointment with a trusted auto repair center.

How does this system work? It uses a conductive layer along with a network of receptors inside the a glass and the system passes small power in vertical and horizontal guidelines, thus detecting cracks or caractère by comparing the ohmic opposition on the receivers. According to the text of the patent, “with these receptors opposition measurements can be made in the conductive layers to detect cracks”.

When it comes to the future of smart cars, these types of details seem to go unnoticed are usually also included in the autonomous vehicle bundle. The biggest advantage of these techie innovations is that cars will be able to to detect their breakages and flaws themselves, something that in the most modern products can already begin to be seen, though in a more rudimentary way.

To full the scenario, Apple even should go further with its patent and represents a scenario with autonomous vehicles that come alone to the work shop at times when their owner does not make use of them.