Despite the fact that in some towns and communities they are already opening, timidly, sports centers, do not completely banish home workouts. They are fast, helpful and can solve a routine both in case of not being able to go to the gym and in those days when laziness does not let us leave the house.

So if last week the personal trainer Nano Alutiz he suggested a torso routine for which it was only necessary to have some elastic bands, this time the target of the new training is the lower body. Both quadriceps and hamstrings and glutes are the target of this session for which it will only be necessary to have some elastic bands, although some exercises can be solved with an overload such as a backpack or a container of water to use.

This lower body workout consists of executing the four exercises in a repetition range of between 12 and 15, always adjusting the resistance of the bands and the recovery times between series and series so that sports performance is maximum. It is best to work in blocks of 3 or 4 sets. Go for it!

  • You can not miss starting with a warm-up that is composed of dynamic stretching and some activity that increases the cardio, such as jumping rope or even doing ‘skip’ on site. Later, we will perform several series, of about 20 or 30 repetitions, of squatting in the place without weight. It can be interspersed with ‘squat’ with jump.
  1. The first exercise will be the Bulgarian squat, to activate the quadriceps well. With one foot resting on the sofa and the elastic bands under the other foot for resistance. The squat movement will have to be simulated but with only one leg.
  2. The second exercise is a lying hamstring curl. Lying face down on the floor and with the rubber bands attached to the ankles and to a fixed point, such as the door, you will have to bend your knees.
  3. The third exercise focuses on the same muscle, but you will have to lie on your back and, without arching your back, bring your heels closer to your buttocks.
  4. The last exercise works the gluteus, also unilaterally. With the rubber attached to an ankle, try to raise that leg laterally.

In case it remains any questions about the execution of the exercise or how to place the elastic bands for you to do overload, Nano leaves on your profile on social networks a video to clear up any questions about this routine.

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