The 2020 presidential election will be remembered for its many twists and turns, but so far the election train has been pushing forward on one track since party meetings. Joe Biden management surveys have not just broken, but on the contrary have grown more.

Donald Trump is, on the basis of all available data, to remain president for one term, and the final letter has still not gained momentum. According to polls, Biden won the first debate, and the president’s illness did not crown people’s opinion.

Last week, the tabloid New York Post published an articlewith pictures of Joe Biden’s problematic Hunterboy emails, among other things Vadym Pozharskyin with. Pozharskyi acted as an advisor to the Ukrainian gas company Burisma in a similar role as Hunter Biden.

– Thank you for inviting me to DC and allowing me to meet with your father, in an email sent in April 2015, read according to NY Post material.

At the same time the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin investigated the allegations made by Burisma’s leadership, but Shokin was also in the grip of his own allegations of corruption. Ukrainian citizens protested in the streets against him and the World Bank, EU, US and IMF, among others, were of the opinion that the pro-Russian Shock is part of the corrupt regime in Ukraine.

Joe Biden, the vice president of the United States, visited because of the crisis in Russia and Ukraine In Ukraine on several occasions in those years. During one visit, Biden conveyed to the administration a message that Ukraine must be separated from the Shock or the United States will not grant a billion-dollar loan to the state.

The shock was allowed to leave, but he accused Biden of bringing his own personal resentments into international politics. At the same time, President Donald Trump got one, and practically the only, weapon against Biden.

The story continues after the picture.

Favorable conspiracy theory

On the surface, the situation looks bad for Joe Biden, because the story has the basic elements of a scandal: influence, a billion dollars and a troubled child. Hunter Biden is known to have suffered from drug addiction, and no one is likely to suspect that Biden’s son could have flown around the world boasting of his famous father and trying to fund his reputation.

The only problem is that it doesn’t mean Joe Biden has done anything illegal or wrong.

On the contrary, if the vice president had wanted to play in Burisma’s bag, he would have been worth keeping the corrupt prosecutor under investigation. Moreover, even if the vice president had met Pozharsky, who had worked for the same company as Hunter Biden, at least Joe Biden’s influence was not of much importance with the company’s accusations.

A subsequent post-firing inspection of Shokin revealed that Burisma’s management had failed to pay taxes totaling $ 7.4 million. It’s a large amount of money, but on a global scale, “nuts”.

Also, according to many Ukrainian sources, Hunter Biden was never suspected of any crime, so why should Joe Biden have intervened in the investigation?

Of the United States according to safety experts Indeed, “Joe Biden and Ukraine” is a classic conspiracy theory with little other truth than that the vice president demanded that Ukraine dismiss the public prosecutor, which the rest of the Western world demanded.

In addition, Joe Biden has amassed his election fund So much money from US citizensthat half a billion dollars is still available for two weeks. Some Trump supporters claim the campaign is living on Ukrainian and Chinese money, which is unrealistic, at least according to election support data. Biden doesn’t need money.

Twitter and Facebook censored

In the end, the article was not even a spectacle in the United States. For example, Fox News, which is part of the same group as the New York Post, didn’t even raise the issue for a top story. The New York Post is known for its scandalous stuff, and its scoops don’t easily rise into the national debate.

In addition, that article is for many according to experts probably part of the disinformation campaign that the U.S. presidential election is in full swing today. On Twitter, security experts asked journalists to be wary of an article with lots of elements about election campaigning.

The emails were, among other things, pictures, not files. The story behind the information gathering was vague and the New York Post had received its material directly from Donald Trump’s campaign. In addition, the metadata did not match the timeline.

And even if the emails were correct, at worst, they proved nothing more than that Joe Biden had allegedly met Vadym Pozharsky, even though Biden had said he had nothing to do with his Hunter son’s Ukraine business. Anyone who has followed U.S. policy for more than fifteen minutes knows how to put it in context.

The essence of the article was therefore smoke, but not a weapon, which is common in conspiracy theories. However, that is not the most important aspect of the election campaign.

The core of the story is what Twitter and Facebook did after the article was published. Both social media services censored the New York Post article and could not be shared.

This is, of course, the right of private companies, but it still sparked a legitimate debate about what else services are censored by. Trump’s campaign once again received a new stake in its weapon, claiming that liberal social media platforms censored presidential supporters.

Indeed, Trump’s populist policies rely heavily on the “we respond to them” thinking, which has at its core the “they don’t want us here, so we have to fight” rhetoric.

Social media anti-conservatism is a common narrative in the United States, but it has been studied at many levels. For example Columbia University has stated social media anti-conservatism to be a myth with no basis in truth.

Twitter commented on the situation that the article contained hacked information that should not be shared on its platform. At least that’s a weird statement because Twitter is shared on a daily basis very vague content that is not, however, censored.

According to Facebook, the company plans to do its own fact-checking first, which also sounds like an interesting choice in a journalistic sense. The New York Post is a scandalous magazine whose articles are often colored and sharpened, and its reliability is not even at an adequate level. but similar publications are being distributed all over Facebook all the time.

The press therefore has the right to hear from the services an exact explanation as to why this particular article was censored and what other articles the platforms intend to censor in the future?

The election is like a train

The impact of the recent “scandal” on the election was ultimately very small. Joe Biden is still a clear pre-favorite on Election Day, November 3, which is fast approaching.

So far, advance votes have been given far tens of millions, which is many times higher than four years ago. Data from the polling station show that Democrat voters have filled out the ballot twice as often as Republican voters.

The same trend has taken place in Libra language states.

This does not bode well for Trump, who would have to win nearly 75 percent of the vote on polling day to maintain the chance of winning.