Soltvedt about the Koomson noise: – Could I imagine 15 rounds in a boxing ring

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BERGEN (VG) Gilbert Koomson has wanted to get away from Brann, which has led to disagreements and quarrels between him and the club. Now the parties have reconciled.

– It has been tough and depressing. I thought the interest was good and I thought this would be a new step forward for me. But it should not have happened this way, says Gilbert Koomson.

VG meets the Brann player after a session on Thursday morning at Brann Stadium. The 26-year-old has not participated in the joint session, but trained for himself.

Lately, a lot has been written about the player and there must have been interest from more than one

. He has been clear that he wants to leave Brann if there are opportunities abroad. When he felt the opposition, he chose not to attend training. Then frustration built up in both camps.

Wednesday night also published a screenshot of a conversation between Koomson and Brann’s sports manager Rune Soltvedt. It turned out that the wing believed that the club ruined for him. He wrote that he would not attend either training or matches.

Koomson says it bubbled up in front of him. He did things he deeply regrets today.

– I sat for almost 4-5 hours yesterday with Rune. It was heavy yesterday. We agreed to forget everything, and we also agreed that I should meet my teammates. It’s my fault, and I’m sorry, says Koomson.

Soltvedt says that it all started a while back. He received a bid out of the blue, which he describes as too low. It must have contributed to the unrest.

– I did not even mention it to Gilbert. I have regretted it to him, but it was unrealistic. This is especially true when there are several clubs involved and there is a different culture in Turkey. There are so many agents and controls. It’s like sitting with 51 cards in bridge – it never works out, says Soltvedt.

He says that Brann has been willing to sell Koomson, something the player himself has understood. The requirement for Soltvedt, however, has been that it must be good enough for Brann financially.

After reaching an agreement on Wednesday this week, it exploded. Then the conversation between the two came to press in Bergens Tidende. Soltvedt says he had to count to ten to calm down.

– You know that people express themselves differently when there is a lot of emotion in the swing. It peaked in many ways yesterday when this text message became known. Then I felt that I could imagine 15 rounds in a boxing ring with him. Just then I felt that this is something you do not do, says the sports manager and adds:


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