Solskjærs about the Premier League without spectators: – More like training matches

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Ole Gunnar Solskjær thinks football without spectators has become strange. He describes several matches as “sterile”, and thinks it will be difficult for Manchester United to get the energy back without supporters in the stands.

The pressured manager thinks it will be difficult for Manchester United to get the energy back without supporters in the stands, even though it went very well right after the corona break.

When the league started up again in June, after a three-month break, everything went United’s way. They did not lose a single one of the remaining matches in the Premier League. There were five wins and two draws.

This season it’s turned upside down. Manchester United have lost two of the first three games and the pressure on Solskjær is increasing. The Norwegian believes the reason for the big difference is that football has changed.

– Football is strange now, we see some strange results. After the restart, everything was new and unknown, and it felt like everyone enjoyed it. Now I feel more and more matches are becoming sterile, more like training matches, says Solskjær.

Before the national team break, there was a brawl loss against Tottenham (1-6). Solskjær thinks he knows what is missing, but does not think it will be easy to find it without supporters in the stands.

– We have to create the energy in the fights that we had. That is the key to fight back. It will not be easy without supporters. Hopefully we will get them back soon, but in the meantime we have to find the extra sting mentally, Solskjær says at the press conference before Saturday’s match against Newcastle.

One of those who has suffered the most is Captain Harry Maguire. After the expulsion and loss for England against Denmark, the criticism has hailed, and several experts ask Solskjær to rest


– He is determined that he is ready to play. He is a guy who does not want to hide behind a red card or a bad behavior, says Solskjær.

Several experts have argued that Maguire is affected by the arrest this summer, where he received a violent sentence in Greece in August.

– Harry Maguire’s performance is frankly one of the weakest I’ve seen in an England suit. Scary bad. He looks completely shocked by whatever happened in Greece. Need a break, wrote The Athletics journalist Oliver Kay after the expulsion against Denmark.

Former Manchester United stopper Rio Ferdinand also believes it is time to give Maguire a break, but Solskjær believes it is up to him.


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