There are a few months until the celebration of the festival of Junior Eurovision than will be held for the second consecutive year in Poland. After Viki Gabor’s victory in the 2019 contest, the contest will take place in the Polish capital on November 29.

Last week it was revealed who he was Spanish representative for this complex edition. From the program The hour of the 1 It was presented to the Sevillian singer Soleá, 9 years old, who will take over from Melani García.

The theme, which, as the artist herself confirmed it will be happy and in spanish, has been composed by César G. Ross, Hajar Sbihi and Bruno Valverde as the public entity has revealed.

The three composers are widely known for their contributions to the world of music. César G. Ross has worked with multiple Spanish artists, including the Eurovision Song Contest, Pastora Soler. Hajar Sbihi is the creator of several international hits. Finally, the producer Bruno Valverde is responsible for the Ricky Martín issueThe bite and has worked with a multitude of artists both nationally and internationally.

With this new song, RTVE seeks improve the result obtained by Melani García, a third position, in last year’s contest. The task will not be entirely complicated since this year only 13 countries entered the contest.