Solbakken’s tirade before the Europa League exit: – Brain dead, idiotic, hopeless demands

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(FC Copenhagen – HNK Rijeka 0-1) FC Copenhagen’s weak start to the season continued with the Europa League exit in true Benny Hill fashion. Before the match, Ståle Solbakken delivered a tirade against all the demands for a change of direction in the club he has led 13 of the last 15 years.

– I could have done things that are better, it is one hundred percent certain. I can very easily be replaced. I will not stand in the way if anyone wants it, Ståle Solbakken begins his tirade against Eurosport Denmark, in a longer interview for Europa League-playoffs mot Rijeka.

They lost 0-1, after an own goal by Peter Ankersen in true Benny Hill style. Two FCK defenders collided, before the ball went into the crossbar, out – and straight into a helpless Ankersen, who could do little else but see that he sent the Croatians on in the Europa League.

– It is probably my darkest day during the two periods I have been responsible for FCK, and we are at the lowest level we have been during that time, except maybe the first time after I came back in 2013, said Solbakken after the match.

Thus, the downturn continues for Solbakken, who has one point in three games and a derby loss for arch-rival Brøndby at the start of the season. He goes so far as to suggest that many believe they should think new in the Park, even before Thursday’s European Cup exit.

– But what I must warn very strongly against are the completely brain-dead, idiotic, hopeless demands that we should go in a completely different direction. Towards something that has demonstrably collected us extreme transitions, extreme income from European games, many championships and cup titles, and a reputation in Football Europe that we must not lose because someone shouts at something that is idiotic in relation to what we stand for, says hedmarkingen in its tirade against the critics, clearly incited.

You can see the whole tirade here:

The weak start to the season, which comes after a below-par finish on the previous one,


In 2020, they have 1.21 points per game in a series context – unthinkable compared to what they have delivered previously.

The fact that FCK is now missing out on important Europa League millions at the same time as rival Midtjylland has qualified for the Champions League does not make the situation brighter for “Salvatore”.

– Do you feel that your job is threatened?

– In.


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