Businessman Stefan Therman revealed on Saturday on Instagram that she had divorced Sofia Belórf.

Belórf, who visited Pose today on Friday, admitted the difference is true.

– Let’s go single. I am 30 and single vee, I do not to be believed. I am divorced, Belórf said.

Belórf is, in his own words, a person who likes to do things and who lives to the fullest.

-I also fall in love hard.

The couple’s colorful relationship lasted half a year and was revealed in April when Therman’s ex-partner Martina Aitolehti said the duo would enjoy themselves together.

Belórf is currently charged with two money laundering and a basic drug offense in Katiskavy. The main suspect in the tangle is Belórf’s former partner Niko Ranta-Aho. The case is still pending in the Helsinki District Court.

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Belórf is currently one of the most talked about Finnish public figures, but the woman herself says that publicity was not a goal.

– A couple of years ago, I even thought I wanted to get out of public view. Now that there’s shit in my pants, I thought I had to come up with something even more sensible to do with this publicity.

Belórf has managed to take advantage of its reputation. He is a tracked person on social media and he makes a lot of commercial ventures.

Belórf’s life is glamorous based on Instagram.

-In Finland, many cakes are beautiful on top. I don’t think it makes a person worse if he likes nice cars or watches and if he can get them. But maybe I’m a man who looks like that life is not just, for example, heartbreak and differences.

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Belórf says he has learned about life in the last year for more than 10 years in total.

-Feet must be on the ground, but the head must be in the clouds. It is good to be merciful to oneself.

The post office did not go through everything that has happened to Belórf over the past year or so, and the ongoing criminal proceedings, for example, were not mentioned at all.

Source: Posse