Businessman Stefan ”Stefu” Therman says in the Stories section of Instagram, she’s a divorced fitness beauty Sofia Belórfista. In his recent update, Therman writes that the decision was made by consensus.

– With all the love and understanding, I want to announce that we are divorced with Sofia! I hope that is not further investigated. Power and light, Therman writes.

Iltalehti reached Therman by phone.

– I have nothing to comment on. All the best and strength and light to all, he stated.

Belórf also recently released a mysterious update in the Stories section of Instagram. However, he did not refer directly to the resignation in his update.

– I am not commenting on things in my private life in any way at the moment. Everything is fine, Belórf writes.

Happiness lasted half a year

The relationship between Therman and Belórf lasted six months. The relationship was revealed in April as Martina Aitolehti said the duo enjoyed themselves together.

Therman used to be with Aitolehti for a long time. Aitolehti said the couple divorced in April. He confirmed to Iltalehti at the time that the reason for the difference was the trilogy.

Recently, it was also reported how also Sofia and Niko Ranta-ahon the relationship ended stormily. The 10-month relationship between Ranta-aho and Sofia ended, and with the divorce, Sofia had to move from the couple’s shared home.