Sofia Belórf posted an update on his Instagram account in which he says he is looking for an apartment for himself. The newly divorced former fitness model lives so far with a friend.

Businessman Stefan Therman revealed in some in mid-October that he had resigned from Belórf. Belórf, who has since visited Posse, himself admitted the difference is true.

– Let’s go single. I am 30 and single vee, I do not to be believed. I am divorced, he stated in the program.

Apartment in search

In her recent soma update, Belórf says she is openly looking for a suitable apartment for a 30-year-old single woman.

– This morning gone for housing – I was looking for that “30years young and single” home, so now it’s really true! he writes.

Belórf says he lives with his friend so far.

– My favorite series was Single when I was younger, and I always dreamed that I could experience it sometimes with my best .. No boyfriends, no children, just a dune, girls’ stuff and getting to know myself … Now I can experience it, notes.

Belórf also recently told Posse how, in his own words, he has learned from life over the past year in more than 10 years combined.

-Feet must be on the ground, but the head must be in the clouds. It’s good to be merciful to himself, he stated in the program.

Belórf is charged with two money laundering and a basic drug offense in Katiska. The main suspect in the tangle is Belórf’s former partner Niko Ranta-Aho. The case is still pending in the Helsinki District Court.