Actress Anu Sinisalo, 54, says fresh Society magazine in an interview, how uncertainty in the industry haunts him.

Corona Spring canceled, among other things, the revue of the New Happy Theater and Sinisalo was unemployed for two and a half months before the previously agreed filming started.

– There is endless financial uncertainty at this stage of life, and this spring has not eased it. If I tip up, this was the worst nightmare. Suddenly everything was empty and it is still not known if there will be restrictions and what projects can be implemented, Sinisalo says in the Society.

The actor, who has worked as a freelance for 25 years, has seen the downsides of his field anyway.

He won the Golden Venla Award for his role in the Easy Life TV series, but was unemployed for two years after that. Sinisalo had to compromise on everything and life was tight.

Later came another Venla and Jussi award. Fortunately, they were not followed by a period of unemployment of the same length.

– I do not take employment for granted. Getting a role is a bit like winning the lottery every time, Sinisalo says.

However, he is an eternal optimist.

– I want to see the light in the future, no matter how it feels to be foggy and dim. I trust that work will be commissioned and life will bear, the actor sums up.