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As the citizen protests that began throughout the country since last Monday night have shown, a large part of Peruvians reject that the president of Congress, Manuel Merino, has assumed the leadership of the State and demands that Martín Vizcarra be reinstated in office and finish his mandate.

This was confirmed by Efe among the citizens of Lima, who ratified criticism of the political class in general, as well as the fear that the instability facing their country will deepen the economic crisis, which has been unleashed after the harsh impact of the pandemic. of the covid-19.

Although the Lima residents question the decision of the CongressThere are also some who direct their darts against Vizcarra, but in general they all believe that the conflict of powers that Peru faces should be resolved soon.

Uncertain future

“With this the PeruSo let’s hope they react and return to Vizcarra, which for me has worked very well in their government, “Irma María, a citizen who said” that the decision taken by Congress to dismiss Vizcarra for “is wrong.” moral incapacity “.

For this citizen, the now former president assumed “things that another” would not have done, such as the fight against the covid-19 pandemic, which reports more than 950,000 infected and almost 35,000 deaths since arriving in the country in early March.

“A lot of people haven’t died for him by now leave us without a president and put someone who is not trained, I do not agree, “he remarked in reference to Merino.

Replace Vizcarra

Although Merino was already sworn in on Tuesday as the new president of Peru, other citizens also shared the demand that Congress back down and replace Vizcarra, who should fulfill its mandate until next July 28.

That was the position of Clitford Galle Zumaeta, a private worker who told Efe that he did not agree “with the change that was made” and that Congress should “let Mr. Vizcarra finish his term” of government.

“There is little left and in this time that remains, the other countries will not be able to do business with Peru, which is unstable; people are out of work, everything is going to go down, “he emphasized.

Corruption in the Government

Another citizen, who identified herself as Sara Meza, considered that in her country’s politics “everything is a disgrace” and said that “within Congress there are also corruption“, but that” the president “, referring to Vizcarra,” also has his little things. “

“The truth is, we don’t know who to trust, I am an ordinary person who has nothing to do with politics, but in my little understanding, this is disappointing, “he said. Although Meza remarked that the fight against the pandemic is not an argument” to allow corruption, “he added that” with this departure of the president things get moved, they go to get worse “.

Double standard

Despite the voices of rejection of Congress, the position of other citizens was expressed by a 26-year-old man who only identified himself as Joseph and assured Efe that in his country “people have double standards”, because many asked Vizcarra’s departure from office and now that that has happened “they unrest and they are outraged “.

“We were fed up and have many complaints, a lot of information about the things he was doing and now it is obvious, they want to cover our eyes, but they cannot, little by little everyone is realizing it, “he noted in reference to the preliminary complaints that have been filed against Vizcarra for alleged acts of corruption.

This man commented that at the beginning of the Vizcarra government, which replaced in March 2018 Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, “Everything was nice, he felt like an honest president”, but then he kept the same “usual” speech and it tired him.

For this reason, he considered that despite the instability facing his country, everything “is going to get better, because in reality everything was going to hell because of the same people who send us, who make us look bad.”

Political revenge

A diametrically opposite view was offered by the salesperson Nisaicomo Lezama, who attributed the removal of Vizcarra to a “revenge” of Congress, because it dissolved the previous Legislative, in September of last year.

“That’s why the president (Vizcarra) returns, because he is the voice of the people and they have to pay attention to us,” he emphasized, addressing the current parliamentarians. Lezama said that if that request is not met, in his country there may be “misrule” and even “a coup“that” nobody wants “, but” a clean Peru, without corruption and without intimidating the people. “

A similar opinion was given by José Fernández, an older adult who commented to Efe that Vizcarra’s departure “is wrong, because he should have ended his mandate” and Merino is a “gentleman who knows nothing”.

These opinions were given while Merino appointed veteran conservative politician Ántero Flores-Aráoz as prime minister, although he still did not confirm a cabinet of ministers that would allow him to fulfill his offer of having the best cadres to face the serious political crisis, economic and health facing your country.



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