Not everyone can be pleasant. And EA Sports certainly doesn’t like all the top futures with its new Fifa 21 game. Players commented in confusion on the powers given to them on Twitter.

Inter’s star striker Romelu Lukakun the total powers are 85 in the game. Last year the reading was 86.

– Let’s be honest. Fifa is just fooling around with the powers to get us players to complain about the game while giving them more publicity. I don’t get involved in this shit, I know what I’m doing, Lukaku writes on Twitter – and at the same time, of course, promotes the game.

Even the fiery paint settlement didn’t even stay in one suite.

– 81 speed. Didn’t they see my second goal against Shah’tar Donetsk?

The Belgian clearly did not understand his powers after the artillery era. She rotten in blue and black last season with 34 goals in 51 games

Liverpool side pack Trent Alexander-Arnold rose to the top 100 in the player rankings. The man’s total power in the new Fifa is 87. He is happy to read, but the 66 given itching power is amazing.

– Maybe they stabbed it on the grounds that it’s my game number, Alexander-Arnold says, shaking his head in an interview with the BBC.

– Four goals from the wing … I don’t really know. I don’t want to challenge it too much, but I would have liked to have seen a higher value in it.

Finally, the man says he aims for the total power of next year’s game 89.

Also Manchester City star pack Aymeric Laporte eagerly awaited their own power in the new game. He released a fun before-after picture pair of himself. In the latter, the look is quite sour when Laporte found out his speed was in the game 63.

– The only way from there is up, EA Sports comforted the defender on Twitter.

The best player in the game is Lionel Messi. The total power of the Argentine is 93.

Even behind the paint come Cristiano Ronaldo (92), Robert Lewandowksi (91), Neymar (91), Kevin DeBruyne (91) and Jan Oblak (91).

The top 100 players in Fifa 21 can be found from here From the EA website. The game will be released on October 6.

If the video of Alexander-Arnold does not appear on your device, you can watch it from here.

If Lukaku’s tweet doesn’t appear on your device, you can view it from here.