Good news for all users of Xbox that they do not plan to bet on the Xbox Series X or Series S in the short-term future, and it is that Phil Spenser, head of Xbox mentioned in a interview for Kotaku several interesting points about the current moment of the company and the near future that we will see with the next generation.

One of the topics that attracted the most attention was the purchase of Bethesda, of which we have already told you the details about Spenser’s words and how they will recover the investment of this important video game studio.

Xbox Series X / S games will be playable on Xbox One

Among all the interesting data that Spenser has shared, one that has caught our attention is the confirmation that games that only come out on Xbox Series X / S can also be played on Xbox One. How? Thanks to Project xCloud.

Project xCloud reached users in several countries around the world last September, and it has been promised that it will be extended to other markets throughout the next year. However, this service will not only be available on Android and iOS, but will also reach PC and Xbox consoles, or at least Xbox One, as Spenser assures that this will be the way to play the titles developed for the next generation in the current generation.

The priority for Xbox is to bring xCloud to iOS and PC first, so it does not seem that the arrival of this service to Xbox One is going to happen this year, but we will see what happens next year.

Will all next-gen games be available on Xbox One?

The quick answer is no, obviously we are only talking about the titles that reach Game Pass Ultimate, that is, those developed by Microsoft Studios will be there, but we will have to see what titles from other studios will reach Game Pass when xCloud is available for Xbox.

Likewise, it is important to emphasize that this does not mean that these titles will be able to run with the same graphic power and load times as in Xbox Series X / S, although we will surely have more details about it when this happens.