A few months ago we announced that WhatsApp I was working on a new file manager that was intended to make it much easier for users to know how much space on the phone occupies the elements that they send us through the application, that is, memes, videos, files, etc.

Today this new file manager has been made official, which will be available to all Android and iOS users around the world, and all you will have to do to enjoy this technology is to update the application in the Play Store and App Store.

How to free up space quickly?

To activate this feature you just have to go to the Settings> Data and storage> Manage storage, and at that moment you will be able to see an attractive graph that will tell you how much space the multimedia elements of WhatsApp are occupying, and how much space is occupied by the rest of the applications.

If you want to delete files you just have to press the option “Review and delete items” and select what you want to delete, so if you don’t want to keep anything on the phone you can click on the option “select all” and delete it quickly and easily.

In the event that the multimedia elements are occupying almost all the storage space of your phone, then you will see a notification above the chats tab that says “Storage is almost full” and when you select it you will go directly to the new file manager .

Remember that the update with this new function will arrive in the next few days to the whole world.