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Rüdiger and Tatjana fall in love while cuddling the chickens and at Patrick, a candidate even gets out of sheer emotion.

In the last episode, Rüdiger (54) chose Tatjana (48) as the lady-in-waiting for his court week – the right decision, it seems. Even at first breakfast she impressed him with her enormous hunger for eggs: “Up to ten a day!” She is exactly right with the chicken farmer. In contrast, he impressed her with his “eggshell breakpoint generator”, a great device for topping eggs, but unpronounceable for the Russian: “That has about a hundred letters”. The producers of the eggs are then also visited, including first samples of the nail designer’s work in the barn. When the delivery with 350 fluffy chicks arrives, Tatjana is in seventh chick heaven: “I don’t know how long, I was in a trance.” And only Rüdiger: “It becomes more interesting for me every day.”

With the “Bachelor farmer” Patrick (24), however, things get a little bumpy. Three women fight for him, which is slowly becoming problematic. The brisk Antonia (20) in particular does not meet with much approval from her competitors. “It annoys me a lot that Antonia gives us practically no chance”, says Julia (25). The young farmer likes that very much, however: “When someone tries so hard, I am of course impressed.” But Patrick has not yet made up his mind: Sofia (22) impresses him with her knowledge of agriculture and Julia’s reluctance “makes the whole thing a bit exciting”.

Then, surprisingly, Antonia stops the game prematurely. In tears, she confesses to Patrick in a one-on-one conversation that she has already developed feelings and would rather leave the show before she can be disappointed. If she wanted him to cancel the show, she’ll be even more disappointed. He lets her go – and the two remaining women are less happy about a strong competitor.

Where are the tokens of love?

Thomas (42) and Bianca are doing really well with their work together – but the 45-year-old lacks expressions of emotions: “We’re having a lot of fun, but I’m missing a signal from you that shows me it’s you!” That makes Thomas think: “I just can’t show it like that …” He asks his best friend for advice, who suggests carving a wooden heart for Bianca. It starts work with the chainsaw, after all Thomas even admits to the camera that he is madly in love. “That should tell you that my heart belongs to you now”, he clarifies for Bianca. She immediately sheds tears of joy: “I’ve never received such a great gift.”

At the horse host Denise (32), dating show expert Till (31) is still under strict observation when it comes to his love for animals and farmers. First test: cuddling puppies. However, the dogs seem to be able to do more with his competitor Sascha. Denise’s conclusion: “Till is just not that animal man.” The next test does not go so well for Till either, who lets a few animals slip away when the paddock is expanded. But there is a much bigger problem: “Till is very cautious about me,” complains Denise at the camera.

Shyness or Disinterest? When they are grooming the horses together, she asks the lifeguard straight out whether he is interested in her at all. “We’re still here for a while and maybe I’ll take the initiative there,” he says, getting out of the situation. Denise can hardly wait: “In between there are moments when he looks at me and it tingles from the tip of my foot to the very tip of my hair.”

Steffi (54) and cattle breeder Lutz (52) have already made further progress. Lutz was impressed by her love of animals and her interest in his work: “Every farmer would probably be tempted to get Steffi, but I won’t leave her here!” After he even names his youngest calf after her and she overcomes her fear of engines while mowering the lawn, it finally comes to the first kiss. “I enjoyed it and I noticed that Lutz kisses well,” is Steffi’s summary of the first approach. And Lutz adds: “We both enjoyed our first kiss and I think it will be remembered forever.”


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