So it goes with “The Voice” now

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Samu Haber is in quarantine with Corona. Now ProSieben / Sat.1 got in touch and explained what that means for “The Voice of Germany”.

Samu Haber, 44, has tested positive for the coronavirus despite no signs of illness and is currently in quarantine. But what about the shooting of the ProSieben / Sat.1 show “The Voice of Germany”, in which the Finnish rock star as coach together with Rea Garvey, 47, looks after young talents?

Shooting without Samu Haber

A broadcaster responded to a request from the news agency spot on news and also confirmed that Haber is fine and that he currently has no symptoms. In addition, the production company of “The Voice of Germany” immediately contacted the Berlin Treptow-Köpenick health department. “The current shooting of the show was completed in the evening with the approval of the health department and in strict compliance with the catalog of measures issued without Samu Haber.”, it says in the statement.

Samu Haber tested positive for the coronavirus

A few hours earlier, Haber himself published his positive test result on Instagram. It was a routine test and he would have been surprised by the result because he could not find any symptoms. Now he is in quarantine and waiting for things: “All I can do now is stay on the sofa in the Netflix world and wait for better days.”


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