If something has made Microsoft clear during the waiting time in what arrive Xbox Series X Y S is that it takes with humor all the comments that have been made about the design of their consoles.

Particularly Series X is the one that since its revelation in December 2019 has been the center of memes that compare its size and design with that of a fridge, but instead of being upset by the situation Microsoft prefers to get on the train bringing humor.

For example, let’s remember this tweet from last March, where the Xbox Spain account took an image to compare the real scales of a Xbox Series X and a fridge.

Or there is also the first TikTok published just last September 24 by the official Xbox account, in which the axis is the similarity that Xbox Series S has with a speaker, a fan, a record player, a radio and an electric grill, and Xbox Series X with a refrigerator, a bookcase and even the monolith of the film 2001: Space Odyssey.

To add to those humorous displays, Microsoft sent the iconic rapper Snoop Dogg a real refrigerator with design of Xbox Series X, as a birthday gift.

Snoop showed off his gift in a video of Instagram that later it eliminated, but that fortunately it was rescued by some users so that others could see it.

In addition to having the design of Xbox Series X, the refrigerator stored more gifts for the rapper, such as a cake also in the shape of the new generation console, drinks, food and even bling bling with motifs alluding to the brand.


Xbox Series X Y Series S will arrive in Mexico next November 10 And although Microsoft has already revealed the date on which the presale will begin in the country, it remains to be known which stores will be the participants.