With the emergence of new platforms like TikTok or short video formats like the ones Facebook recently added to Instagram under the name ‘Reels’, the Snapchat team feels safe. And how could it not be, if its presence in the world continues to increase.

Within IAB Connecta 2020, we talk with André Joel, leader of Snapchat in Latam, who explained to us what is the state of Snapchat in the world and who uses the platform.

«In terms of users, Snapchat grew 17% in the second quarter of the year globally, in all regions, and this shows that there is space for different platforms to coexist at the same time and play different roles, ”explained Joel.

In Mexico alone, Snapchat has a reach of more than 15 million people a month, a number that has increased in double digits (at least 10%) in the last 10 months.

«We have never been so big in Mexico! 78% of the audience is over 18 years of age and around 40% are between 18 and 24 years old: a surprise for those who believe that the majority of our users are under 18 years old “, highlighted the leader of Snapchat in Latin America.

In addition, the 75% of users are women. According to the expert, the great variety of ages on Snapchat has made the platform an ideal space to talk with Millennials and with Gen Z.

“Snapchat is a channel for them to talk to their closest friends and to be themselves while expressing small moments from their days, which gives brands the opportunity to be part of the conversation.

Our research shows that both Millenials and Generation Z trust the recommendations of their friends and family 4 times more than those of influencers »Joel signed.

The key to Snapchat’s permanence in the market is, in large part, its commitment to Augmented reality.

Until now there are no AR skins and effects that rise to the level of what Snapchat offers. This is because Snapchat does not consider them an “extra”, but rather a new language to communicate.

“The Millennials and Gen Z have used cameras since the beginning of their lives. This is the reason why we continue to evolve our camera, for people to find better ways to express themselves. Instead of writing a message, they can make a ‘Snap’ and send a photo or video to express a brief moment of the day, “said the expert.

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