After the pre-selections of the “Romanians have talent” contest (PRO TV), which will take place in September, Tiberiu Andrei Maria returns to acting. Smiley also had supporting roles in “Selfie”, “Oh, Ramona!” And “Naşa”, but and a lead role in the series “One Step Ahead,” where he sang and danced for several seasons. He also starred in “A Simple Movie,” but also in “Triplusec,” so he can boast some experience. As he had more free time this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic, which canceled his concerts, the artist focused on various films, together with a team of many young enthusiasts, actors and soloists, led by Iura Luncaşu (45 years old). ), who directed “In the Family”, “Bet with Life” and “Profu”, he worked on a bold project, “Tie”, about which no one breathes a word, being currently shrouded in mystery, as he writes

In a few days we will start filming again for the dramatic comedy with a positive ending “Once and for all”, in which Smiley will have the main role. We worked well with him this summer and we are doing another project in which they will play actors like Ada Galeş, Cosmin Natanticu, Augustin Viziru, Sali Levent and Adelina Pestriţu in a smaller role You know that I work with many celebrities in supporting roles and I like it that way. TV. With the new rules and regulations we will see when they arrive in cinemas with the finished projects but we will wait. I also have a strategy and we will see what will happen47, said director Iura Luncaşu, for the same source.