Smiley and Delia released “Ne vedem noi”, one of the most awaited collaborations in Romanian pop music in recent years. “I know that the public has been asking us for a song together for a long time, but I can only collaborate when I feel it’s the right song. Only after I composed and recorded “See you”, I felt it was a song for the two of us. The mood of the song simply seemed right for Delia’s style and voice. That’s what they thought and here we are launching the song, “says Smiley.

The song “See You” was born at the beginning of the pandemic, at a time when people could not see each other, when Smiley, just returned from America, decided to isolate himself in his home with some colleagues from HaHaHa Production with whom he had left: “I was in my attic, with Lucian Nagy and Serban Cazan, each of us was far from his family, from his loved ones, and that’s how we appeared. During that time I did a lot of live shows on Facebook and YouTube and I even sang then, hot, parts of the song of the people who were at the reception. Only after I finished it, I felt that it lacks the feminine dimension, that it is in fact a musical dialogue between an “he” and an “she” and here that, after another period of work, you now hear its final version, with Delia, ”Smiley added.

“I am just happy to be releasing this song. I really enjoy working with Smiley, the friend I seem to have known for a lifetime. He is unchanged: always creative, happy and smiling. This collaboration came naturally. It’s a song that sensitizes us and we hope it will reach everyone’s souls with warmth “, said Delia.