Slow motion ending in the US elections: this we know so far

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All eyes are on Nevada, Arizona and Georgia, which should deliver their results this Thursday.

It is an ending nthe fit for cardiac in the United States elections, with such small vote differences that it will be necessary to wait until the last vote is counted to know if Joe Biden or Donald Trump will win the White House. This is what we know so far:

With Joe Biden winning in two more states your way to the White House will be paved. Those states can Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

In Arizona, Biden reaps 50.5% compared to 48.1%, and they need to maintain or expand that advantage in the 15% of votes that still have to be counted and that the authorities of Phoenix, in the state, said they would update the data to the 11 in the morning Argentine time.

The other key state for the Democrat is Nevada. There the difference is 49.3% for Biden against 48.7% for Trump and 14% of the votes remain to be counted. The authorities said they would only update the data around noon this Thursday, that is, around two o’clock in the afternoon in Argentina.

Let’s see Georgia. Here the difference is heartbreaking. Trump leads with 49.6 to Biden’s 49.1, and 5% of the votes remain to be counted. Authorities said the counties promised to release the results between Wednesday night and the morning of this Thursday.

But there are more states in dispute: Pennsylvania, a war spoil of 20 voters and North Carolina, another treasure with 15 voters. In both states Trump leads, although by few points.

In Pennsylvania the president has an advantage of 2.6 points (50.7% against 48.1) and 11 percent of the votes remain to be counted. The remaining ballots are estimated to be Democrats, and there is time to continue counting until Friday.

Something similar happens in North Carolina. Trump leads with 50.1% against Biden’s 48.7% and 5% of the votes have yet to be counted. The point here is that ballots can continue to be counted until November 12.

As the deadlines in these last two states are extended, even until next week, all eyes are on the other three states whose results they would be this Thursday; results that will pave the way for candidates into or out of the White House.

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