Slot is not worried about bench seater Boadu: ‘Will still be important’

Trainer Arne Slot is not worried about the shape of Myron Boadu. The club top scorer of last season has been sitting on the bench with the Alkmaarders in recent weeks and also seems unsure of a starting place for the Europa League match against Real Sociedad on Thursday.

‘Sociedad top club in Europe’

“We know why he is not doing so well, because he has been killed by corona,” said Slot on Wednesday at his press conference. “Myron was not yet in shape when he returned and fell in for half an hour in the last match against FC Emmen. You don’t have to worry.”

Boadu was the club top scorer at AZ last season with fourteen Eredivisie goals and made his debut in the Dutch national team in November last year. This year the counter is only at two goals. Partly for this reason Slot prefers Albert Gudmundsson in the point of the attack.

“I jokingly said to Myron yesterday: ‘Maybe I should always have you put on the bench, because you train better than when you were in the base,” said Slot. “He trains very well. In addition to the qualities he has, he will often be very important to AZ.”

Trainer Arne Slot spoke to the press on Wednesday in the run-up to the Europa League match against Real Sociedad. (Photo: ANP)

AZ will meet Real Sociedad in the Europa League on Thursday, according to Slot a “top club in Europe”. The Basque club is the surprising leader in La Liga. “They don’t have the best players in Spain, running for Real Madrid and FC Barcelona and other teams. But they continue to perform their duties with incredible discipline, in the highest intensity for ninety minutes.”

At the beginning of this month, AZ saw with their own eyes how good Real Sociedad was. The Alkmaarders were turned upside down in San Sebastian, although it remained ‘only’ 1-0 for the home club. “I did not estimate the balance of forces at the time. An opponent had managed to work harder than we did. That says something about how hard Sociedad works.”

Slot is not sorry for the absence of David Silva, who is injured and cannot participate in Alkmaar. “His non-participation will have an influence. But if you are a big club like Sociedad, the replacement will also be a serious player. I assume, and I hope, that he is no better than David Silva. are a bit crazy. The numbers eleven and twelve in the selection will also be good. “

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