Slimmer, Wesley Safadão shows off his body in a shirtless photo and celebrities praise

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Wesley Safadão appeared alongside a nutritionist and won praise for fit body. Concerned about his health, the singer posted a shirtless photo on Instagram and showed off his defined physique alongside Charles Feijó. Wesley changed his lifestyle and included healthy eating and exercise. “Follow the plan”, wrote the musician in the image caption this Saturday (17th). Safadão called attention on the web, including famous ones, such as Israel Novaes. “It’s in the shape,” said the countryman. “It’s fine,” observed Naldo Benny. “Congratulations on your work and delivery in search of health. That’s it, brother!”, Said humorist Tom Cavalcante.

Wesley Safadão makes procedure to remove dark circles

Earlier in the week, Wesley said that he had an intervention to remove the bags under his eyes, leaving the area purple as a consequence. “Guys, this was a training session yesterday, look, I hurt my eye, here at the gym, people don’t pay attention”, he joked while working out with friends on the devices in his house. “No, no, guys, I had a little surgery here on the eye, I don’t even know it is called surgery, is it surgery? Procedure, it is true, a procedure to remove dark circles, you know?”, Explained the artist.

Singer surrenders to facial harmonization

Safadão recently performed a facial harmonization, an aesthetic procedure that has become a favorite of celebrities. “I took advantage of that Wesley is in a phase a little more vain and took him to the clinic too! He saw the result in me and was interested”, commented Thyane Dantas, wife of the forrozeiro. Father of Yhudy, Ysis and Dom, Wesley added: “Do you know what I want to be with? With a baby face, younger”.

Lucas Lucco regrets aesthetic intervention

Unlike Wesley, Lucas Lucco regretted the technique and tried to reverse the result. “I am aware that this type of procedure is good for many people and that it can be done by a dentist or doctor. The decision to do the reversal was for one reason only: I did not like the result. It could be anyone. So-and-so, I would do the same. Any professional trained in any area does his or her job knowing that there is a risk that the client will not like it. This is not about academic training and I don’t think I need to apologize for saying I didn’t like it. the result of an aesthetic procedure done by anyone, “said the husband of model Lorena Carvalho, with whom she is expecting a child.

(By Patrícia Dias)


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