Achieving new goals is inherent to sports practice. It does not matter which modality we face, either as a team or individually, reaching goals is always an incentive to enjoy and that, without a doubt, will help us to continue enhancing our training sessions. Of course, to enjoy the triumph, you have to undertake an arduous path in which the effort, desire and motivation (whether it comes from releasing the new smartwatch sports car that we bought on pre Black Friday or for having changed the play list); Although it also usually helps to bet on new gadgets that complicate the training while they propose a fun challenge to enjoy (while we sweat!).

If a month ago, abdominal rollers were the ones that captured the attention of athletes indoor, the trend has turned slightly and now there is another tool that seems to be gaining popularity. It takes up very little space, it is ideal to use inside the home and, in addition, the ideal companion to help us work strength using the resistance of our own weight. Have you heard of the sliders? These sliding discs, created to provide instability to exercises and cause greater muscular effort, are ideal for those looking for a sporting challenge and, among others, to improve the correct posture (without it, it will be impossible to make a single movement).

To use them, you just have to place your hands and feet on them and then begin to perform the planned exercises, such as climbing tables and isometrics. Its main advantage? That eliminate bouncing while increasing tension! A tool as versatile as it is affordable that, among other ecommerces, you can find at a good price on Amazon. Do youand you dare to try these ten euros and discover the advantages of working your routines with them?

The ‘sliders’ for sale on Amazon.

These sliding discs, available in three colors, are used to enhance the exercises by including an unstable base in your hands or feet that helps to improve your stability and balance and, thus, unconsciously, work your muscles more. This model has a double-sided design so it can be used on most surfaces: carpets or grass requires the use of the hard bottom, in this case, the plastic one, while in hard wood it is preferable to use the cloth side.

How to use this tool

These sliding discs can be used to improve flexibility since they help work muscles in a full range of motion and areas such as the inner thighs, which normally go unnoticed. To achieve this, simply put your feet on the discs and separate and bring the legs together. In addition, you can include them in your GAP, HIIT or Tabata sessions, to enhance each of the exercises and thus achieve more toned muscles. These discs also help make the joints more flexible and smooth. By last, these tools are perfect to improve our balance and stability in each movement, with which we activate the central muscles so that our abdomen takes all the necessary strength.

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