Four years after raising his international championship, Skone returns “excited” to the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos with the intention of “giving a gift” to his followers, who were hardly going to be able to enjoy his rhymes on stage due to the current sanitary circumstances.

José Miguel Manzano, at 30, will once again dress as Skone, the aka (as known as) that has accompanied him to become a legend of the freestyle. Skone returns for the seventh time to the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos, that will take place on Saturday, October 17.

After winning the title of international champion in Lima in 2016 and the later International Final played in Mexico in 2017, Skone had not reappeared on the tables of Red Bull. Now, three years later, the national champion returns to a “very important” competition for him, which has “something special” and that He is “excited as for years” that he was not for an event.

However, the abnormal situation caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic, as well as last-minute casualties, such as those of Chuty Y BTA, have turned the mood of the participants upside down: “We are very sad because this has a personal impact“the rapper noted.

Despite the absence ofBnet, 2019 international champion, Zasko Master, current national champion, or Erroneous, this edition of Red Bull It had all the necessary ingredients to become one of the most spectacular in history.

However, less than 24 hours before the start, the coronavirus continues to disrupt the plans and emotionally affect the participants: “If I participate in a competition where the best are, I want the best to be. I’d rather lose a final against Chuty or BTA than win without them“said Skone, referring to the absence of the two main favorites.

The man from Malaga was consistent with his importance in the movement, with the current situation and with the commitment he feels both with the organization and with his colleagues: “If we go forward, we have to recover and do our best in his honor. We will carry their flag, their sword and represent them as brothers who are“.

Skone also wanted to send a message to his fans and his haters with his return to Red Bull: “This is not for money”, he said in response to the assumptions that were unleashed when he and Chuty confirmed their presence this season of the Freestyle Master Series, and for those who “almost” consider him the ‘Figo’ of the freestyle.

“They don’t pay me and I stake everything, but it’s a gift that I want to give to the people who love me, whether it turns out well or it turns out badly”, explained Skone, aware of the current situation that has seen his schedule reduced to a minimum, normally full of appointments all over the world.

Throughout his career, Skone has been characterized as one of the most psychologically prepared ‘roosters’ to withstand public pressure, so the new situation, even if it affects you, could do it to a lesser extent: “The public is indispensable because it generates an energy and a magic that only exists in that moment and with which, in your favor, redirecting it or channeling it, you can change the discourse of any battle completely “, explained Skone.

I’m used to rapping and winning with an adverse crowd, so I think I’m one of the least affected by his absence, Skone said. “It’s no secret. I don’t know why my character projects an energy that elicits that or just people always want me to lose. Out of ten competitions, it happens to me in eight.”

In addition, trying to “look for the positive side”, the rapper believes that the absence of the environmental factor will allow the participants “search for themselves, research, risk, develop differently and not having to think about making something effective for the public“.

Before concluding, Skone gave clues about the future of his career by explaining that “before the world exploded it was chaining many events” and was “approaching the end due to the natural order of things”, but this year of hiatus “has lengthened his life in the freestyle competitive. It has been a break, a reconnection with myself. “

“Still I have a lot to contribute, so you are going to continue watching me, “he concluded by sending a message of tranquility to the fans who follow him from all over the world.