The new Škoda Octavia RS is unnecessarily strong and fast enough to take your child to the ovi or go on holiday – which of course has never diminished the popularity of the sporty family car. However, as a police vehicle, the decision can be justified not only emotionally, but also logically: on the one hand, a comfortable and spacious car that can accommodate the patrol’s full equipment, and on the other hand, driving dynamics reminiscent of sports cars.

This is why the police version of the Octavia RS was introduced in the UK: in addition to the roof-mounted light bridge, flashing lights were installed in the grille, behind the windscreen and on the rear wall. In addition, license plate recognition cameras have been installed, while the work of the dog units is assisted by an air-conditioned cage.

British police officers assigned to the Octavia RS will obviously not complain: heated seats, rich multimedia equipment, leather sports steering wheel with shift paddles, wireless smartphone charger, adaptive cruise control, and a host of safety features make life easier.

In addition to the new version introduced this year, there is another important argument: in addition to the 200-horsepower diesel engine and the 245-horsepower turbo engine, it is now available for the first time as a plug-in hybrid. It also has 245 horsepower, but when you don’t have to race, it can be operated especially sparingly.