Sini Liljeqvist, A 33-year-old lawyer and deputy judge from Pori, left the Big Brother house after living there for less than a week. Sini left the house after hearing that during her stay in the house, her husband had filed for divorce. Viewers have speculated whether the divorce application was due to Sini enjoying the house Artun in the armpit.

– Is it said that everyone can draw conclusions when assessing why such an application has been made, Sin’s husband recently commented on leaving resignation papers to Iltalehti.

After leaving the house, Sin was also faced with another life revolution, as it turned out that he had been moved aside from the law firm where he worked. The law firm was set up by her husband, who applied for resignation.

– Our lawyer Sini Liljeqvist is currently on the sidelines and does not participate in the daily work of the office. Neither Sini nor our office representatives commented on this further, the press release said.

Sini has rarely commented on his BB sky on social media. Now he has given his first interview To the People of Satakunta. In the interview, Sini ignores her current rumors.

– Although contrary to imagination, I am all right at the moment and I am fine. Although the trip to the BB house was short, I don’t regret going there at all, Sini says in an interview.

He stresses that he did not apply for the Big Brother program for publicity.

– I did not apply for the program due to publicity. I don’t want to be an ö-class celebrity who tells the press about the press at cat christenings all over the world. I just wanted to bring out issues that were important to me through the public, such as criminal justice, for example, I also wanted to show through my own example that even if I have ADHD and dyslexia, I can still do well in life, Sini says.

In an interview, he says he will continue the leave he missed because of Big Brother. Sini, who studied at the School of Economics for a couple of years, plans to apply to the School of Economics unit of the Pori University Center next spring. The intention is to seek new fins for leadership.

– I no longer want there to be no content in life other than work. I’ve got now in peace to think about what I want out of life. I once slept well, because usually I sleep a little bit true. I have taken it easy for once in life, says Sini.

Stigmatized as a bully

After leaving the house, Sini has commented Minnan bullying in some. Sini matured in the house to speculate on the use of Minna behind this back. Among other things, Sini wondered if Minna would have been romantically interested in Artus.

In his Stagram stories in late September, Sini said he had been in contact with Minna, who had been evicted from the house.

– Thank you Minna! Sack you are an absolutely gorgeous type and just as good as you are! Sure, it’s different, but it’s wealth. I would never have met a woman like that without BB, and that sun growth in those two weeks was absolutely insane! You are such a spiritual winner! Sini wrote in a text he published on Instagram’s stories.

– Minna I therefore talked to during the day, and about a thousand pounds of shit has fallen out of your shoulders and finally begins to appear light in the tunnel. By far the most shocking thing to me was when I came out of the house how the events related to Minna have looked outside the house. The least I ever wanted to become a stigmatized bully, Sini wrote.

Suplan BB-podcastissa Minna, who was a guest, also shared her opinion on the bullying issue. He said in the podcast that he does not feel he has been bullied by BB-Sin.

– I did not feel that I was bullied in any way, Minna summed up.