Now that autumn is approaching and hair loss begins to accentuate, something normal at this time of year, it is important to know how to strengthen the hair. To do this, it is convenient to make some changes in diet and adopt habits that instead of weakening the hair, reinforce it.

1. Eat more nuts

The nuts are omega-3 rich foods which has many health benefits, according to the TO FATHER, which affect the hair. Eating a handful of walnuts or other dried fruits each day contributes to good health, which will make the hair stronger and fall less.

2. Include more fish in the diet

People who follow vegan diets should be supplemented, as the vitamin B12 from fish is important. But, also the contribution of omega-3 that it provides and that, as we now know, is beneficial for our health and that of our hair. The OCU recommends between 3-4 servings a week.

3. Legumes strengthen hair

Legumes are foods that are usually consumed little or that may be exempt from the diet. This is a mistake, as they are rich in protein, iron, zinc, and biotin. These are essential elements for hair to grow and stay strong, since the key is in a good diet.

4. Don’t wash your hair every day

How many times do you have to wash your hair a week?

Sometimes, either because we exercise or because we have oily hair, we wash our hair every day. However, we must try to space the washes for an essential reason: the oil naturally produced by the scalp. When washing the hair we remove it and this weakens the hair.

In addition, we must not forget that shampoos, conditioners and other hair products contain chemicals that, when abused daily, cause the root of the hair to weaken, therefore, we should wash our hair only when we really need it.

5. Beware of abusing the iron or the dryer

Shampoo, conditioner and other products can weaken the roots of the hair, but what about using the iron and blow dryer? Not only does it weaken the hair, but it damages it. Therefore, if it is possible to avoid these elements, the better. Otherwise, for example with the iron, we should only use it once a day and at a temperature that is not too high.

6. Don’t rub your hair when drying

Finally, one of the habits that we should discard right now is rubbing the hair when drying. This we usually do without thinking weakens the hair and causes it to fall more. Also, it is not advisable to do this on curly hair as it increases frizz.

So how can we dry the hair? Better to use a microfiber towel, even an old T-shirt, and surround the hair with it without rubbing. The towel will absorb the water from the hair without friction.

Although these habits can help us to strengthen the hair, we must not forget that the key is in nutrition. Eating healthy and including the foods mentioned more frequently is important for our hair to look better than ever.