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US President Donald Trump (74) is on the mend, according to his doctor. The president has no trouble breathing and his fatigue is also getting better, his doctor Sean Conley reports Saturday from the Walter Reed military hospital in Bethesda. It is still unclear when the president will be allowed to leave the hospital.

Mike Pence will play a more prominent role in campaign

“The president is doing very well at the moment,” said Conley. The president did not require supplemental oxygen from Thursday. Conley was unclear whether the president needed the supplemental oxygen for this. Trump hasn’t had a fever for 24 hours.

The president still has a cough and a stuffy nose. Those symptoms also seem to be improving, according to Conley.

The president had previously had a fever, but the doctor would not give further details. Trump is now on a five-day experimental treatment with the Ebola drug remdesivir. According to his doctors, the president asked about treatment with the controversial drug hydroxychloroquine, but he is not on it.

Multiple news agencies, including AFP in Reuters, citing an anonymous source right after Conley’s press conference a lot less optimistic was about Trump’s recovery. The insider states that Trump’s vital signs have been very worrying in the past 24 hours and that the next two days are critical to his recovery.

Trump was taken to the military hospital on Friday as a precaution. Earlier, the president announced that he and his wife had been tested positive for the corona virus. According to Conley, Trump was diagnosed with this on Thursday night. The day before, the president held a campaign meeting in Minnesota.

The president can continue to do his job during his hospitalization, because the hospital is set up for that. Vice President Mike Pence did take over a meeting from Trump on Friday and said he would play a more prominent role in the election campaign.

Images from American media showed on Friday that the president could still walk to the presidential helicopter on his own. In a video message, the president said he thinks he is doing well and thanked the Americans for their support.

Since Trump’s contamination came to light, many people in his environment have been actively tested. The list of Republicans and individuals the president has been in contact with over the past week continues to grow on Saturday.

Former advisor Kellyanne Conway, among others, announced that she has been tested positive for the corona virus. So are Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien, Republican Senators Thom Tillis and Mike Lee, adviser and former Senator Chris Christie, University of Notre Dame President John Jenkins, and Republican Party Chairman Ronna McDaniel.

Amy Coney Barrett’s talk last Saturday at the Rose Garden near the White House was where all of these people were recently present simultaneously.



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