Singer Kikka died on December 3, 2005.

Already a month before her sister, a nurse Kati Lahti, guessed the end was near. She had been watching her sister’s anxiety and drug use for that long.

Kati had also tried to help. However, Kikka did not accept help. The sister felt powerless.

– Kirsi and her daughter were supposed to come to our village on Saturday, December 3rd. We chatted on the phone the hour and a half the night before. I heard from his voice that all was not well.

– Kirsi told me how much she loves me and how grateful she is for our moments together. She cried profusely, Kati recalls the last call.

Of course, the worry about her sister grew and Kati asked if she should go to Kika in Tampere right away. I don’t think I needed to.

– We agreed to see around ten the next morning, Kati recalls.

That meeting never came.

Kati slept restlessly all night, Kikka or Kirsi’s sister no longer woke up.

All this survives Kaj Kunnas and Paavo Nurmen from a book published today, Tuesday Encounter II. Successful Finns who have survived difficulties have been interviewed.

The book is a continuation of Kunnas’ book published in 2017.

Kati also says in the book that she felt guilty about Kika’s death.

– The fact is, I couldn’t save my sister. I had tried my best, but to no avail.

Kati sought therapy. That and the support of the family helped him over grief.

– I take comfort in the fact that Kirsi and I had told each other everything. The deepest discussions we had during Kirsi’s last years of life. There was a strong sense of togetherness and mutual trust between us.

– Kirsi knew that I’m by his side, even when he has made bad choices. We kept one until the end, Kati sums up.

Kaj Kunnas and Paavo Nurmi: Encounter II (Mistake Media Oy) appeared on October 27.