The Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac will start on the 28th of this month, in just eleven days, apsteal your coronavirus vaccine in teens and children, After the tests carried out on adults, which are in the final phase, have yielded positive results, company sources confirmed today to Efe.

The volunteers to test the Covid vaccine in Spain already receive the doses … and there are still vacancies for people over 65

Sinovac announced on September 9 that the results of the CoronaVac vaccine trials in phases 1 and 2 had shown “good safety and immunogenicity” in healthy adults over 60 years just as they did for people between the ages of 18 and 59. Antibody levels in those over 60 were slightly lower than those found in tests with a younger population, according to the company.

Ensuring that the vaccine can be applied to the entire population, including children and adolescents, is one of the keys to preventing virus outbreaks in schools and daycare centers. According to a study log published on its website by the US National Library of Medicine, up to 552 healthy people ages 3 to 17 will receive two doses of CoronaVac and a placebo, a trial that will combine phases 1 and 2 of trials clinical

Cooperation with Latin America

Trials will begin on September 28 in the northeast Chinese province of Hebei, which surrounds Beijing. Sinovac’s vaccine, which in Latin America it is produced in cooperation with the Brazilian institute Butantan, based in Sao Paulo, is in the last phase of large-scale adult trials in countries such as Brazil, Indonesia or Turkey.

The Governor of the State of Sao Paulo, Joao Doria, assured last Monday that They intend to immunize all Brazilians with the Chinese vaccine and later to other Latin American countries. The National Sanitary Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) of Brazil has authorized clinical tests on 9,000 volunteers of the Sinovac vaccine.

The CoronaVac has insured 46 million doses in the South American country until December and another 16 million for the first quarter of 2021, according to the Brazilian authorities. In addition, about 90 percent of the Chinese pharmaceutical company employees worldwide and their families have received their doses, according to the company.

Four Chinese vaccines in phase 3

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Four Chinese vaccines are currently in phase 3 clinical trials –among a total of nine in the world– although one of the remaining five is part of a consortium formed by the Chinese Fosun Pharma, the German Biontech and the American Pfizer.

The four totally Chinese are those of Sinovac, Sinopharm, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and Cansino Biologics, which began to be used in late June in the Chinese Army.