Sinister is the scariest movie ever

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One company had 50 people watch different films. They analyzed their heart rhythms. And a conclusion was reached.

Spirits, supernatural experiences and lots of blood are some of the essential elements for a good horror movie. However, what one viewer may be very scary to another may not move a hair. For this reason, among fans of the genre the same question was always repeated. What is the scariest film? Science solved the mystery.

The Broadbandchoice company conducted a study called the “Science of Fear Project” in which the heart rate of 50 people of different ages was analyzed while they watched more than 100 hours of video.

To each of the participants a heart rate monitor was fitted to calculate how your heart rate changed. The amount they had at rest was compared with those they reached during projection. With these data, an average was made to determine which film is capable of causing tachycardia in viewers.

The list ranks 35. The first place was taken Sinister, released in 2012, directed by Scott Derrickson and starring Ethan Hawke. The actor plays Elison Oswalt, a writer who discovers a box of home videos in his new home and puts his family’s life in danger. He finds images of crimes and begins to investigate a series of murders that have a disturbing supernatural undertone.

The average heart rate of the individuals studied was 65 beats per minute. During the screening of Sinister increased to 85 average beats, which meant a 32% increase in heart rate. But nevertheless, Insidious, which was second in the ranking, was the one that increased the heart rate of viewers the most in a specific scene. Up to 132 beats per minute were recorded at key moments.

The top 10 is completed with The spell, Hereditary, Paranormal activity, It Follows, The spell 2, The Babadook, The Descent Y The Visit (the guests).

The study also showed that James Wan is the best director of this genre, since three of his films are in the top 10 (The spell 1 and 2 e Insidious).

Audition was chosen as the best non-American film and finally, it was concluded that modern plots are more scary than classics like El exorcista A Nightmare on Elm Street (Nightmare on Hell Street) or The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Of course, many moviegoers may disagree with this choice. In the study there are some limiting factors such as the number of people who were summoned and the films shown to the participants. The top fifty highest rated were used on platforms such as IMDb, Rotten Tomatoes, and Reddit.

“With more people than ever facing a Halloween at home, our study Science of Fear Project was designed to help people find the most scientifically terrifying movies ever made, to save them searching time among the thousands of titles of streaming services like Netflix or Amazon Prime Video “, explained Daniel Clifford, creator of the study.

Sinister It is not available in the streaming services that arrived in Argentina. Peacock, the digital platform of the American channel NBC, took the title.



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