Familiar with the HelsINK television program, Sini Ariell has been living in Australia for six years with her husband Stuart Bonds and Penny’s girl. Blue had once been told at an infertility clinic that she could never get pregnant.

However, she became pregnant, and Penny’s daughter was born three years ago.

“With Stuart, the early days were like a dream. Pregnancy changed everything and broke everything. She didn’t want to be a father, and my biggest wish was to be a mother. The surprise pregnancy broke what and who we were to each other. Everything changed, Sini writes on his blog.

– We were held together by the will. We both wanted to be together through a difficult pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, the couple was in the process of building a house that stretched to four years. Sini vomited a dozen times a day and lay in the middle of the building dust because she didn’t want to be alone.

Stuart worked in front of the two, and after Penny was born, the night watchings lasted a year. Sini slept with Penny in a different room than Stuart, who had a hard work rhythm.

-There was sex with it maybe six times in three years. There were many reasons, but the biggest was certainly mutual fatigue, exhaustion, fucking, and burnout.

Blue was diagnosed with post-pregnancy depression, while Stuart had burnout and burnout.

-We still twisted more than two, because the will was to get this house completed, and the mutual will to be an intact loving family in the end. We never fought in front of Penny.

For a while, everything looked good when the house was completed and the family got to move. He was then hit by a corona pandemic that shut down tattoo studios for three months and Sini couldn’t work. She became pregnant again, but had a miscarriage.

However, Sini and family survived.

-When something is lost, understand the importance of another thing. We have a penny prodigy. We still have each other and experiencing the miscarriage approached me and Stuart terribly. We are strong-willed people, we have shown it to each other. There would have been more reason to take and leave all these five years than to stay and survive. We love each other now more than ever before.

Source: Sini Ariellin blogs