Actor known from the role of Samantha in the single-hit hit series Samantha Kim Cattrall, 64, has been allowed to spend plenty of quality time with her boyfriend in quarantine conditions Russell Thomasin with. The couple has been dating for four years. The duo has been staying in Canada recently on the corners of Cattrall.

Favorite actor says Peoplemagazine interview about the couple’s first meeting in 2016.

– We liked each other, we kept in touch and he came to Vancouver. It was a very bold act for him as we didn’t just know each other, we had just eaten a few meals together. But he came and we got along great and we’ve been together ever since, Cattrall recalls the magazine.

Cattrall, who has been married three times before, says he experiences a special connection with Thomas because of both English roots. Cattrall is born in Liverpool and Thomas is in Kent.

– It’s just that easy. I feel very comfortable with him. He is firecracker and has a tremendous sense of humor. He is also pleasant to watch, Cattrall glows in the interview.

The couple’s British roots are visible, for example, in the form of a tea party every morning.

– I love him. He was worth the wait, the actor sums up.

Source: People