Singing with Spotify ?: They revealed that the platform plans to launch its Karaoke service

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Although its directors did not confirm it, they did not deny the version either, which transcends among new criticisms of some musicians against the platform.

Spotify is focused on improving the experience of its users. Therefore, it does not stop launching new content but also functions. As leaked, the platform would be thinking that subscribers have the possibility of singing karaoke.

Renowned engineer Jane Manchun Wong, who uses her experience to research the code of various applications to see what companies are testing, was the one who made the finding.

On his Twitter account he posted: “Spotify is working in Karaoke mode“, and added:” The vocal level is adjustable. “The message was accompanied by two images that would confirm the news and reveal what the interface will be like from a cell phone.

The tweet garnered several messages from music fans saying, “This is what we needed.” Others took advantage of the space to criticize that the function that should give access to the lyrics of the songs has not yet appeared.

Wong frequently uses his skills to find out what various digital apps and companies are working on. Previously it was also she who discovered the podcast feature with Spotify videos and plans to host virtual concerts.

A spokesperson for the streaming company spoke to the site NME after the news was released. “In Spotify, we routinely conduct a series of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the way for our broader user experience and others serve only as important learning. “

Regarding the function of Karaoke the spokesperson did not confirm the news but he did not deny it either, so the possibility is latent: “We have no more news to share at this time.”

According to Music Business Worldwide, the leak comes after the Twitch live streaming platform, which is currently all the rage in the country and is owned by Amazon, revealed through a blog post that it will shut down its karaoke app, Twitch Sings, in January 2021.

In July, the CEO of the Spotify service, Daniel Ek, received criticism regarding the idea of ​​generating new things all the time. Ek had suggested that it is not enough for artists to record music once every three to four years.

“It’s about putting the storytelling around the album as well and having an ongoing dialogue with your fans. I really feel like the ones that don’t do well streaming are predominantly people who want to release music the way they are. it used to be released, “he said of the artists’ relationship with Spotify.

The comments provoked a backlash from various musicians. REM’s Mike Mills was one of those who opined: “‘Music = product, and it should be produced regularly,’ says billionaire Daniel Ek. Fuck off“.

Nadine Shah | added to the claim: “I’m tired of having to give a kiss on the ass to these companies that exploit me and other music creators. We need the entire music community (including fans) to come together and demand a change.”



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