Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ is prohibited in schools to avoid spreading the coronavirus

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Children in UK schools cannot sing Happy Birthday in the classroom. The Government has imposed this measure to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, reports The Sun.

Some schools have chosen to let children clap to the beat of the song, or sing it with their mouths closed. Others, on the other hand, are limited to play YouTube videos with the song.

This measure joins others adopted in Great Britain such as keeping windows open at all times or prohibiting children bring birthday cakes or cakes to class.

On the other hand, music classes it is recommended that they take place, where possible, outdoors. If not possible, with small groups.

In the United Kingdom, in addition, they are also prohibited chants in churches or in pubs and bars.

These measures respond to the insistent certainty that the virus is transmitted by aerosols and small drops in the environment, and that these drops spread more if you sing or speak out loud.



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