Singing 2020: Dan Breitman was hurt badly by ‘fifth jury’

Together with Flor Anca, he had sung “Todo a pulmón”, by Alejandro Lerner.

In Cantando 2020 (El Trece, 10.30 pm), with the incorporation of a bolillero as the “fifth jury”, a new round of Ritmo Libre began.

Dan Breitman and Flor Anca They took to the track and the participant admitted having felt “a bit of surprise” by the incorporation of the chance of the bowling pin in the definition of the score of the participants who compete in the contest.

“We dedicate them to all the artists who are having a very difficult time,” said Breitman before performing, together with his partner Flor Anca, “Todo a pulmón”, by Alejandro Lerner.

After the musical number came the return of the jury that are Nacha Guevara, Karina La Princesita, Oscar Mediavilla and Moria Casán.

Then, it would be time to submit to the random of the bolillero that, as the drivers explained Laurita Fernández and Ángel De Brito, you can add or subtract points to the marks they have obtained. In the event that the white ball comes out, the rating they had is not modified.

Put to judge the interpretation of Dan and Flor, Nacha guevara He said: “It’s a beautiful song. It was good, but in a subject so direct and so frank, they lose what is essential when they make so many arrangements, so much drawing, so much showing off their voice.” Forcefully, he added: “It is not necessary to do that virtuosity in all the songs, everything cannot be treated the same. You always do well, but the song lost by adding so much, the song only needed the heart. His grade for the couple was 7.

Karina The Little Princess stated: “When something moves me, that emotion surpasses all the rest. You sing very well but also, you moved me.” He rated them 9.

Oscar Mediavilla, whose vote is secret, said: “I agree with Nacha that they went around a lot until they got into a song by a great like Alejandro Lerner. But the end moved me. That’s what I rescued: the commitment and passion they put on the end”.

Moria Casán He stated: “I love this song. You guys reversed it so much that you took away its soul. I need more soul. I didn’t like it.” His grade for the duo was 5.

So things, Dan and Flor they had 21 points before passing the instance of the “fifth jury”. The chance of the bolillero wanted the couple to lose 5 points, so that they were left with only 16.




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