Artist and decorator Wind posted an honest picture on her Instagram account of her skin problems. In addition to her make-up image, Tuuli has written a long text in which she says that her skin has negatively affected her self-esteem over the years.

– It is really scary to publish such a picture, because skin has always been one of my biggest uncertainties. I shamefulness and covert it really my whole life. I saw myself as ugly when I’m without makeup, and I do not want to leave at a younger age, even a convenience store without makeup. I slept on top of make-up with friends, because I have not wanted to show my mornings impure, in my view, disgusting and awful skin to anyone, Wind says.

However, she decided to be encouraged and publish a picture that reveals her skin.

– Today, however, I wanted to show my skin exactly as it is and be as genuine as possible myself, Tuuli continues.

She says she has tried all possible facials, skin care products and dietary changes over the years to get her skin in better shape. However, they haven’t helped, so now she’s going to see a dermatologist.

“So I hope that one day I will have clean and healthy skin, because I have always dreamed of it,” Tuuli sums up.

In the new season, Tuuli will star in the Farmi television program, which will be seen in the autumn at Nelonen and Ruudu.