Jazz singer Luiza Zan (40 years old) told Facebook that she became infected with Covid-19. Despite all the precautions and the fact that she asked the people around her for the same thing, the symptoms appeared after a concert.

“The covid experience, the personal version.

I begin by saying: I did everything possible, without going to the scientifically unjustifiable extreme, to guard myself. I wore a mask, I used disinfectant, I limited my travel to the bare minimum, I even moved out of town, isolating myself in a small, safe community, I had a bad argument with people who did not follow the safety measures, but we had concerts, projects, rehearsals, online or physical singing lessons, as much as was allowed. I surrounded myself with people who thought and acted like me.

I got infected at a concert. I will skip the details related to this “, Luiza explained.

Luiza Zan stated that she took a light form, which she managed to control with the help of a vitamin-based treatment recommended by the family doctor.

“I took a light form, I did not take antibiotics, I followed a vitamin regimen prescribed by a doctor and skilled friends.

I had a fever for two days, followed by another two days of general confusion, then I completely lost my taste and smell on the 4th day. On the 8th and 9th day I had difficulty breathing, which went as far as panic attacks and fainting. I resisted the temptation to go to the hospital, it was the weekend.

On Monday I went to the family doctor to check the condition of the lungs and oxygenation. Day 10. I was very good with both of them, my doctor was even joking that she didn’t expect the pulse oximeter to show 100% and she attributed this to the breathing exercises I do every day.

On the 11th day, I partially regained my taste, smell and well-being “. The artist detailed.

Luiza acknowledged that the people around her helped her the most to get over this unpleasant experience, especially when she began to feel the fear of the hospital or the fear of death, writes click.ro

“Above all, you need a support group to help you overcome your fear (fear of the hospital, fear of death, other fears). I am blessed to have people around me who asked me daily how I feel, sent me vitamins, good thoughts, encouragement, discouragement, as appropriate. In my case, it meant the difference between spending quarantine at home or in the hospital. Thank you (you know).

On the worst day, I felt the need to react as usual to the disease – to get out of bed and “shake”, to do everything. I resisted the temptation and listened to my body. I sat, I rested, I didn’t fight, I didn’t apply the “mind over body” technique, I felt it was better not to. I think I did the right thing.

The hardest thing was to isolate myself from the children – not to be able to hug them, to cry in separate rooms of longing and not to sleep, not to eat together, to struggle to do the classes online with a mask, because the Minister of Education did not thought that if parents get sick, children should not be absent. “