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The Singapore Government has started to distribute a new device, known as TraceTogether Token, which seeks to extend the Coronavirus contact tracking applications to the elderly they don’t use smart mobile phones.

TraceTogether Token is a portable, wearable, small size, light weight and white device that connects with TraceTogether, Singapore’s case tracking app, which are already used by 2.1 million citizens of the Asian country.

This Token, which is distributed from Sunday, aims to spread among “the most vulnerable elderly who are not currently digitally connected and who are at increased risk for Covid-19“as advocated by Smart Nation and the Singapore Digital Government Office in a statement.

The device has Bluetooth connectivity, through which it connects to the other mobiles in its environment and exchange a QR code with them with which it is possible to trace close contact with those infected with the virus.

These data, among which the GPS position is not included, are preserved encrypted for 25 days and they are used by the local health authorities to inform the elderly that they have been infected.

Among the rest of its features, TraceTogether Token has a battery life of between six and nine months, does not require charging nor does it have Internet connectivity.



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