SinDelantal, the service known for its home deliveries, has announced that it is withdrawing from Mexico.

The platform will cease to operate in Mexico as of December 4 of this year, as a result of the intense competition in the industry of food delivery, in which we find Uber Eats, DiDi Food, Rappi and others.

Through a statement, SinDelantal noted that the announcement comes one month in advance to minimize the impact on users and business partners.

In that sense, he explained that before the end of the year, he will have fulfilled the payments to suppliers, restaurants and delivery men, as well as his commercial agreements in general.

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Competition makes SinDelantal say goodbye

SinDelantal points out that Mexico is experiencing an environment of intense competition in the industry, in which many brands seek to win the hearts and stomachs of consumers.

In turn, the company added that the investment partners will focus their resources on those markets where they are in a leadership position and with ample opportunity to transform the way people eat.

«It was a pleasure for us to bring you your favorite foods during all these years and we want to thank you for making us your Favorite Food Delivery app. Thank you very much, always “, says SinDelantal through its application.

The company did not offer further reasons for its withdrawal from Mexico, but it is known that it will continue to operate its restaurant delivery applications in Brazil and Colombia, where it recently bought its former rival,

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