She has 20 years of journalism, 19 years of television and 9 years of Direct Access, but for Simona the time has come to try a new format, that of reality show. Her return to TV, as the moderator of the show Mireasa, was a good opportunity to talk about these three years in which she was more of a mother and how she found the resources and balance not to bring problems into the family. and the stories he faced, year after year, on set. Because now the family is the most important, she and her husband, Răzvan, have two children, Ana and Vlad, whom they loved very much and who were left waiting. About the lesson of patience, adaptability and, above all, about the fact that you don’t have to give up your dreams in the following. You passed the age of majority in television this year.

Although few expected, you decided to return as a presenter for the reality show Mireasa. What convinced you?

Simona: I don’t think few expected me to come back, because this is my profession, that’s what I know how to do best and I feel best on a television set, talking to people. But this proposal came at a time when I raised the little ones to be on their feet, literally, that is, it came at a favorable time.

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