Similar and different: who are the protagonists of the remake of 100 days to fall in love

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Three Mexican actors and one Argentinean represent, in “100 days to fall in love” (Netflix), the roles of Carla Peterson, Nancy Dupláa, Juan Minujín and Luciano Castro. Y they are quite similar.

100 days to fall in love it was one of the last Argentine strips that achieved sustained success throughout a season on the air. Released by Telefe in May 2018, Underground’s fiction had been conceived to last 80 chapters. But by averaging good rating numbers -15.1 points- it was decided to extend it to 125 episodes.

Starring Carla Peterson, Nancy Dupláa, Juan Minujín and Luciano Castro, the novel addressed modern topics for Argentine television, such as school and street bullying, transsexuality, assembled families, and the relationship of adolescents with drugs and alcohol.

The originality of the story and the good performance in the audience caused other countries to be interested in adapting it. After a Chilean version launched in December 2019 – it got off the air due to the pandemic – Netflix has just released the remake 100 days to fall in love, produced by Telemundo Global Studios for Mexico and for the Latino audience in the United States.

In its early days of availability, the American version of the strip it got into the top 5 of the ranking of the ten most viewed productions of the platform in Argentina.

In the original, the plot was centered on the friendship between Laura Contempomi (Carla Peterson) and Antonia salinas (Nancy Dupláa), and their respective love ties with their partners, Gaston (Juan Minujín) and Diego (Luciano Castro).

The history of these lifelong friends, very different in their personalities, was nuanced with other themes, mainly focused on the wear and tear of their marriages, personal crises and the relationship with children.

The adaptation of Telemundo – a division of NBC Universal that bought Underground, the production company of Sebastian Ortega-, is starring Mexican actors Erick Elías, Ilse Salas and Mariana Treviño, to which the Argentine joined David chocarro.

It is the second fiction that was recorded in the modern Telemundo Center studios in Miami, Florida. The first was Betty in New York, adaptation of the 1999 Colombian telenovela, I am Betty the Ugly one.

The remake that can be seen on Netflix it is a clone of the original, even because they were searched actors and actresses who had a certain physical resemblance to the Argentine protagonists. But the Telemundo comedy drama decided to change the names of its main roles, in addition to a slight change in the title (fall in love, instead of fell in love).

And it does not take place in Buenos Aires, but in Houston, Texas, one of the most Latino states in the US.

Salas plays Constanza, the character of Laura played by Peterson, also a lawyer; and Treviño gets into the role Remedios, the Antonia that Nancy Dupláa played.

On the male side, Elías is Plutarco, the character who in the national version was called Gastón and played by Juan Minujín. And Chocarro plays Emiliano, the Diego that Luciano Castro played.

As it happened in the Telefe novel, 100 days to fall in love It starts with the separation of one of the two friends after 20 years of marriage. And the other follows her along the same lines.

Constanza reaches an agreement with Elías to take a hundred days of trial, and once that time has elapsed they must decide whether or not to continue together. While Remedios -like Antonia-, the separation from Max (Andrés Almeida, the “Coco” that Pablo Rago played in the original) is joined by the reappearance of Emiliano, her first love.

It should be remembered that Peterson had a special participation in the remake, as an Argentine lawyer who interferes in the affairs of the couple that she herself embodied with Minujín in 2018. Here, an X-ray of the four protagonists of both versions, with most similarities and subtle differences.

Constanza is a successful lawyer. Mother of Daniel and Martín, she is methodical, sophisticated and brilliant. She always enjoyed a life of comfort and triumph.


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