Simaria poses in a bikini and hands over the author of the photo: ‘Meu amor Vicente’

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The singer Simaria chose a ruffled bikini and floral print for another day off during a trip to Spain. In the caption of Instagram, she said that the author of the click posted by her on Monday (22) was her husband, Spaniard Vicente Escrig. “My horizon has no limit! Through the lens of my love Vicente”, wrote the artist, whose sister, Simone, made an amusing comment when she saw her in a beach look in a previous post.

Husband is low profile on social networks

Married 11 years ago to the businessman, Simaria marked his profile on the social network, but it was possible to notice that Giovanna and Pawel’s father has a low profile routine on the web. He hasn’t shared any clicks on his account yet. In a recent interview, the Bahian woman talked about the routine with the Spanish during the isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic. “My quarantine was very peaceful with Vicente. We were always a very close couple. There are times when we joke: ‘boy, there is no trip for us to breathe a little’. But it was a nice experience. As I never had that I’m making the most of it. We cook dinner, invent food, try to be together alone, send the children to Aunt Simone’s house for us to enjoy, “he said.

Singer recalls Covid-19 diagnosis

Already recovered, the owner of the hit “Regime Fechado” talked about the days she had to stay away from her husband and two children due to the diagnosis of coronavirus. “The worst part for me was when they went to the bedroom door and asked if they could see me, hug me. And I said no. Since the quarantine started, we were very close, having lunch and having dinner together. I never had the opportunity to be always traveling “, pointed out the artist, who had an exciting reunion with the heirs.

Simaria sees therapy as a tool for self-knowledge

Previously, Simaria said he found therapy a tool to better deal with internal issues. “I’ve been trying to get to know myself better, and when you start to get deeper into it, you evolve a lot. It’s really cool, we start to see how beautiful life is. This process is long,” analyzed Simone’s older sister. She even indicated changes that she saw in herself. “Sometimes you have to dive to the bottom to really understand what you really are. And to become a lighter and more focused person, who knows what he wants”, he pondered.

(By Marilise Gomes)


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