Silvio Berlusconi leaves the hospital after the coronavirus: “This time I was also saved”

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He suffered from bilateral pneumonia. With a long medical history, and about to turn 84, she twisted her arm to the virus.

Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi left the San Raffaele hospital in Milan on Monday where he has been admitted for eleven days because of a bilateral pneumonia caused by the coronavirus.

“I can say with satisfaction that this time I have also been spared,” the Forza Italia leader told the many journalists who awaited him, recognizing that “this has been the most dangerous test of my life.”

Il Cavaliere thanked “heaven and the San Raffaele doctors” for having allowed him to overcome this ordeal, and recalled that they told him after the test in which he tested positive for Covid that his viral load was “the highest observed” in that hospital .

Berlusconi, who is about to turn 84, thanked all the people who have cared about him and shown their sympathy, even without knowing him. “The closeness I felt around me allowed me to overcome the most difficult moments, which were many in the first three days,” he said.

He also had a few words for all the people who are currently sick with Covid and for the relatives who have lost a loved one.

“We are all exposed to the risk of infecting others, I renew to all the call for maximum personal and social responsibility,” said Berlusconi.

“My thoughts go first to the many Covid patients and their families,” he added, saying that the danger should not be “underestimated.”

About the start of the school year today, the conservative politician and tycoon said that “it is positive news because it means the return to normality”, but warned that “correct behavior and rigorous respect for sanitary rules must be maintained”

Berlusconi was admitted the night of September 3 positive for coronavirus and with bilateral pneumonia.

Your personal physician, AlbertoZangrillo, said a few days ago that the Forza Italia leader would probably have died if the contagion had occurred in March or April, at the worst moments of the pandemic in Italy, when hospitals and health services were overwhelmed.

“The viral load of Berlusconi’s nasopharyngeal test was so high that in March-April he certainly would not have had the result that he fortunately has now. Would it have killed him? Absolutely yes, most likely yes, and he knows it,” Zangrillo said.

“The hospitalization in San Raffaele was decisive for the fate of Silvio Berlusconi, it was done when it was necessary and it was not postponed, ten hours later it could have been too late because, as is known, he is a risk patient,” he added.

Berlusconi himself had said that Covid “is a virus truly scary and I don’t want anyone to encounter such a situation. Be careful, always wear a mask. I think this is the most terrible experience of my life. “

Berlusconi’s entire close family also tested positive for coronavirus, his daughter Marina, 54, and president of the family group, Finninvest, his other children Barbara, 36, and Luigi, 31, and his current partner, the deputy Marta Fascina, 30 years old.




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