Sigourney Weaver talks about her 6 minutes in apnea

Sigourney Weaver says that for the underwater scenes in Avatar 2 she, at the age of 70, was also trained by US Army experts to stay in apnea for as long as possible.

Working with James Cameron it has to be exciting and just as tiring, because the director has always asked his actors to give the best, even physically, to their performances. Now that the shooting of Avatar 2 are finished and Avatar 3 starts at the end, Sigourney Weaver it makes us understand why the making of these epic films requires so much time, in addition to that necessary for post-production and the development and updating of the necessary technology. A little over a month ago the official film account had released the image you see, with the actress (70 years old beautifully worn) engaged in underwater shooting.

Weaver has revealed some details regarding the New York Times, saying that in order to perform them at their best, the actors had to train with elite army divers, so that they could hold your breath underwater for at least 6 minutes! Have you ever tried? If you are not a freediver we doubt that you will succeed because it takes a good lung capacity, as well as the technique.

The goal of the time was to enable James Cameron to maximize the amount of footage he could capture in a single shot. So Sigourney Weaver commented the company: “I don’t say to myself” you can’t do this “or” you can’t do that “, I say” let me try! And we’ll see “.

The actress and her colleagues also had to learn not to squint and squeeze the mouth, natural reactions when going underwater, and to carry weights on to facilitate the dive. “I was a little worried” – Weaver acknowledged – “But that’s what I trained for and I really wanted to do it. I didn’t want anyone to think” oh, she’s old, she can’t do this! “After all who, if not our beloved warrior Ripley, could she have faced such a feat? Age is just a state of mind for someone like her, who still seems to have the physique and mind of a girl.


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