Should it just be a stepping stone?

What was the reason for the separation of Demi Lovato and Max Ehrich? An insider has an ugly suspicion.

Demi Lovato (28, “Confident”) is a world star, her former fiancé Max Ehrich (29, “Under the Dome”) is nowhere near as famous as the singer. An insider now reports that the engagement of the two, who they made public in July after only a few months of relationship, may have been a negotiated game from Ehrich’s side.

“It was very painful for Demi when she realized that Max’s intentions were not sincere,” explains an insider in an interview with the US magazine “People”. Nevertheless, it was not an easy decision for the singer to break the engagement and separate from Ehrich.

Just advance your career

The actor just “tried to advance his career by using her name behind her back,” explains the anonymous source. Lovato is doing well under the circumstances. The insider describes the separation of the couple as “a good thing”.

Lovato seems to process the breakup in a new song. “The music is always there for me”, she writes on Instagram to a song called “Still have me”. In it she sings that she is “still broken”. It feels to her as if someone has stolen “all her light”, but she has found her “way back” and can at least still rely on herself.

For the first time a few days ago, US media reported that Lovato and Ehrich’s engagement had broken off and the two are said to have separated.


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